Kortrijk City / Broel School, Guido Gezellepad 2.


Brussels Invest & Export and MAD BRUSSELS go back to the core of what Interieur stands for: how to compose an interior. Instead of creating a fair booth where design objects are displayed, MAD ABOUT LIVING creates an urban apartment. An interior where design objects are used in the context of someone’s private interior.

Our experience is one of honesty towards the product. How does it work within a given enclosed space? How does it interact with other objects? How does it interact with its end user? Through these questions we are able to create stories. Stories that only gain in richness by mixing several fields of design such as Graphic Design, Art, Furniture Design, Product Design, … On the other hand you have the stories created through the human element by mixing designers, visitors, critics, producers, …

This interior does not only include design elements but, true to Brussels living, it also incorporates “living classics”. Elements which are needed to make a house into a home. Decorative and functional objects with a story, a life behind them, as it would be pretentious to imagine a “daily” interior with only contemporary design elements. Just like the city of Brussels, our apartment is all about layers.

The result is an interior where you discover the many names of Brussels design. To do this we gathered several generations of Brussels-based designers in one place. This provides you with a comprehensive overview of what makes Brussels design typical Brussels: diversity, quality and creativity.

Tom Tack, curator.